All products from eco-WRAP are manufactured according to industrial standards for biodegradable and  compostable materials.

  • Europe        EN13432
  • USA              ASTM D6400
  • Australia     AS4736

The European EN13432 standard is the most widely recognised standard and the other two are based on this, it requires degradation of at least 90% of the material in 180 days or less when using a commercial composting unit. The American ASTM D6400 has a lower treshold with 60% degradation over the same amount of time. The Australian AS4736 not only require at least 90% degradation but also incorporates a “worm test” to make sure no toxic materials are left to impact plants and animals. 

From raw materials to finished product our bags comply with and are certified under the American, European and, most importantly, Australian standards for biodegradation and compostability. 

The Australian standard is stricter than the others and it is expected that this will eventually evolve to become the international standard.