Frequently Asked Questions

Storage and use

Q: How long is shelf life for eco-WRAP bags?

A: Shelf life is listed as 12 months. With proper storage with the original packagig in a cool, dry place the bags will retain their strength for at least 18 months.

Q: Will the material start decomposing while in storage?

A: No, the composting process depends on oxygen and water to sustain microbes. If stored properly these things are not present.

Q: Can the bags be reused?

A: Most of our bags are made from very thin materials and intended for single-use but of course the bags can be used over and over for as long as they retain their strength. We also offer bags intended for reuse that are much more durable and still fully compostable.

Q: Can the bags be thrown out with food scraps or garden waste?

A: Yes. The bags are perfect for all compostable materials. Just fill them and deliver to a compost facility or put them in your home compost.

Q: Do we have to deliver the used bags to an industrial compost facility or can we throw them into our home compost bin/pile?

A: The composting process will take longer in a home compost than in a industrial facility but it’s perfectly fine to put them in the home compost.

Q: How durable are the eco-WRAP bags?

A: Our bags are comparable in strength to conventional plastic bags of the same thickness. The thinner bags are obviously less durable than the thicker ones, and will degrade faster after use. Thicker garbage bags will hold food scraps and garden waste for at least a week before degradation starts, with grass clippings the composting process will be more aggressive. 

Decomposting process

Q: How fast does the composting process go?

A: In a industrial compost facility the product should be completely dissolved within 60-75 days, depending on conditions, temperature and frequency of turning.

Q: What will remain after the bags are fully degraded?

A: All the eco-WRAP bags will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and humus. No toxins of any kind is left behind.

Q: Will the bags decompose in a regular landfill?

A: Nothing will fully biodegrade in a landfill. Composting requires oxygen and landfills are mostly anoxic environments. All organic matter will slowly partially degrade and, without oxygen, create methane gass that is a lot more damaging to the environment than CO2.

Q: Will the bags dissolve in water?

A: Our bags are not designed to dissolve in water. They need oxygen and microbes to completely decompose. This process will take a very long time when submerged in water.

Q: If incinerated, will there be any release of toxins?

A: Burning the bags will only release carbon, oxygen and hydrogen in the form of CO2 and water. No toxic chemicals or heavy metals are released. It is still adviced to dispose of the bags in a compost environment since that wil also help extract CO2 from the air.

Q: What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable materials?

A: Eventually all materials will degrade into smaller components. Biodegradable means that the material will break down through the actions of microorganisms and leave behind microscopic pieces of the material (like microplastic). Composting is a natural process where microorganisms consume the material as a food source and leave nothing but nutritious soil behind.

General questions

Q: What type of materials are used to produce the eco-WRAP bags?

A: Our products are made from the fully compostable resin ecoflex. The material is derived from plant material (corn starch), vegetable oils and compostable polymers.

Q: What colours or designs can we choose from?

A: The eco-WRAP bags can be produced in any colour you want and with your own design and logo.

Q: Why do all eco-WRAP bags carry our logo?

A: This is to make sure the customer knows that these bags are compostable and should be composted and not be thrown out with the plastic recycling.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity to order?

A: See information under the respective products.

Q: How long is the production time?

A: Production time will typically be about 2 weeks, depending on design and quantity.

Q: What is your shipping options? How long does it take?

A: The goods are shipped from China with boat and will typically arrive within 30-45 days at most destinations.

Q: Why should we choose compostable plastics over conventional petroleum-based plastics?

A: Even though conventional plastics also break down this process takes a very long time and will always leave microbeads of plastic behind to poison animals and our drinking water.

Q: How do we know whether eco-WRAP really is an environmentally friendly option?

A: Our bags are produced to comply with the strictest industry standards and are proven to be fully compostable.